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If you choose Custome Title please input Before Title and After Title fields
If you choose Custome template please input Custome template by drag and drop fields

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All Result File can be found at:
1. XML FILE - xampp\htdocs\boomblog-books\xml\
2. CSV FILE - xampp\htdocs\boomblog-books\csv\
3. Zip html FILE - xampp\htdocs\boomblog-books\html\

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  • Input Link Read Site/ Offer (Read Button = Button 1)
    • will go to
    • will go to
    • etc...
  • Link Dowbload Site/ Offer (Download Button = Button 2)
    • Input Link Offer (CPA) here if you want to redirect to offer register page
    • Or if you want download button go to your site, input as below....
    • will go to
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  • Input Link for Keyword
    • keyword as a blog site keywords
    • keyword as your site backlink (change with your search permalinks)
  • Choose post count to be grabbing for your blog post
    • Choose 1 to 10 if you want to grab for 10 post
  • Input keyword
    • Input your keyword from keyword service or apps result here, you can get keyword free Ex. from bing keyword, tools dojo, keywordshitter etc
    • Just copy from your keyword result and paste here (separated by line)
    • Note: for best result, you can use FIND and REPLACE (with notepad or notepad++) from you result for change book title to title shortcode, then copy your keyword and paste in keyword fild (separated by line)
    • Exp. Your result :
      full book sub indo
      full book fast and furious 9
      full book film imperfect

      Change your result to:
      full book sub indo
      full book option_Title
      full book film option_Title
  • Choose Post Date for your blog post
  • Choose your title
    • Default Title Read (title) full book online (randome before and after title by default app)
    • Custome Title For your custome title, if choose it please remember to input "Custome Title Before Title" and "Custome Title after Title" field
    • Title Title
  • Choose Content template
    • Default template Post content position will set by app default
    • Custome template For your custome post template, this will make your post content more unique and different from others. if choose it please remember to input Custome template field
      Just choose and Drag and Drop from left field to the right field

  • Read from my youtube channel for more detail :